The IT sector: experience and high-level skills are crucial

An update from an event one of us attended a few weeks ago about current and future changes within the IT industry:

It seems that most of the routine IT jobs have been off-shored to countries where labour is cheaper. IT employers now need people with high-level technical skills and business awareness in addition to their degree.

What this means for you if you’re thinking about a career in IT:

If you have high-level skills, your skills will be wanted more than ever, the jobs will be more interesting and challenging, the pay will be good – simple supply and demand.

If you don’t have the appropriate high-level skills: the low-end IT jobs won’t be there, those jobs have (largely) been off-shored!

The IT industry only employ staff who make money – What you learn in the coming years is critical…

The degree certificate itself is not enough…………involvement in voluntary work, practical projects and relevant work experience is crucial.

Things you can do to increase your IT experience:

Gain part-time or summer experience within an IT role: register with our vacancy database:

Get involved in any projects or placements within your course to boost your IT skills

Apply for the UniJob bank to be eligible for jobs on campus:

Arrange work shadowing with someone working in an IT role:

find IT-related voluntary work: or


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