Options with a Social Work degree/Social Work MA

I thought it might be useful to share information about roles which leavers from our MA and BA Social Work programmes at University of Chester have gone into within the past couple of years.

Although most of our students go into social work posts, some have entered other roles related to social work. With competition for social work positions increasing, if you’re considering a career in social work, you may want to consider a range of roles.

Previous roles which social work graduates/post graduates have entered in previous years include:


Most students entered social work roles. However other roles included:

· Deputy care manager

· Outreach worker

· Recruitment and placement officer

· Transition Support Programme Co-ordinator

· Social worker/Family Court Advisers

· Supervising Social Worker

· Hospital Social Worker

· Short Breaks Manager


Again although most social work graduates/post graduates entered social work roles, some entered other related roles including:

· Contract Superviser

· Probation Officer

· Children’s and Young People’s Advocate

· Social Worker/Personal Advisor

· Housing Officer

· Social Care Assessor

· Transitional Social Worker

You might also want to have a look at http://www.basw.co.uk/social-work-careers/#whatissocialwork which outlines the various areas of social work. If you think about the area/client group which most interests you, you might then be able to find roles related to Social Work which might be of interest.

The British Association of Social Work also have a really useful guide which outlines the current employment situation for newly qualified Social Workers and gives lots of tips on increasing your chances of securing work after your course: http://cdn.basw.co.uk/upload/basw_105901-4.pdf

Remember too, that you can arrange a career consultation to explore various options, or to look at your job search strategy at any point whilst you’re a student or within three years of graduation. http://www.chester.ac.uk/careers/about-us


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