Some good news for the Labour Market for 2013?

Here in Careers and Employability we’re always on the lookout for positive news – particularly at Christmas time!

We recently received a link to slides presented at TargetJobs breakfast news event in November 2012. TargetJobs Breakfast news involves graduate recruiters and industry experts getting together to exchange ideas and keep abreast of the latest graduate labour market trends.

Looking at the slides, the first few slides reflect the negative picture of the labour market during the last few years (as you’d expect): fewer vacancies, higher unemployment, weakening consumer confidence, poor share prices……

However, slide 17 is very interesting. Although showing decreased numbers of vacancies for several sectors between August and October 2012, the slides suggest an increase in the numbers of vacancies for construction, education, hospitality, health and social services, retail and distribution, and public administration for the same period. Good news for those sectors with increased vacancies.

More positively, slides 19 and 20 show that various banks and financial institutions expect a small growth in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for the UK in 2013, in addition to decreases in graduate unemployment….let’s hope these predictions turn out to be correct.


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