The rise of the ‘slasher’ career – a reflection of the current labour market?

I saw an article which I thought presented an interesting reflection of labour market trends which have been happening for the past few years: less 9-5, Monday to Friday and staying with the same company for several years and more freelancing, temporary contracts, portfolio careers and ‘create your own career path’.

I think the news a few weeks ago about the proportions of people in part-time work probably reflects this trend.

In my view, this US article presents these trends as something new: ‘slasher careers’ which I think is an interesting take:

I then read this article: and realised that ‘slasher’ seems to be a new word for what used to be called a ‘portfolio career’.

If you’re thinking about freelancing/self-employment/a ‘slasher’ career, the University of Chester have a specialist team: have a look at their facebook page:


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