Six positives to come from unsuccessful job interviews

You know how it goes; you spend time preparing for possible questions, choosing an outfit, psyching yourself up, waiting for the phone to ring, checking your inbox 10 times a day just in case……… then be told “sorry, we offered the post to someone with more experience” or worse still, to never hear from the employer again. It’s enough to put anyone off applying for a job.

But…….all might not be lost ….

Here are some positives:

1. Occasionally you get a call months later to offer you the job because you came second and their first choice turned it down (you often don’t know you came second at the time).

2. Talking to other candidates (if you get to meet them) can be a useful way to source labour market information e.g. the level of competition for jobs, the type of candidates attracted by particular vacancies. Plus, if they get the job… know there’s a vacancy at their old company.

3. You can ‘try out’ your interview technique then get feedback to help you improve for next time (nerve racking but worth it in the long run). The trick here is to always contact the employer if you haven’t heard anything a few days after the interview.

4. If you get an interview you know your CV or application technique is OK.

5. If you make a good impression and another job comes up later with the same employer, they may ring you for an interview before they advertise the vacancy.

6. You will get up to date info about what’s going on in the industry just by being there.


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