Top resources for social work students

Although aimed at Social Work students and graduates, many of the sites mentioned will be useful for students from other subjects too.

Considering roles which might interest you:

The British Association of Social Work (BASW) – provides a useful list of areas within Social Work to help you think about your particular interests:

What London Graduates Do (destinations of graduates from London Universities following their social work degree) – lists a good selection of roles and gives a useful overview of the percentages of graduates entering each area of work:

Previous Social Work blog post – Some examples of roles entered by SW graduates from The University of Chester within the past two years

Options with social work (Prospects website)- some broad ideas about areas of work social work graduates might consider

Social Work job search tactics:

Career and Employability’s Guide to Social Work Job Applications

“Advice for newly-qualified Social Workers: Finding Employment” (BASW) – Useful tips on job search strategy for newly qualified Social Workers

“Advice for Social Work students: Preparing for the Jobs Market”(BASW) – Excellent resource which outlines the current position in terms of fewer vacancies and intense competition but also gives advice on increasing chances of success.


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