Ten ways to improve your job application

The tactics you use during the application stage can make a real difference to your chances of securing an interview. Here are our suggestions for increasing your chances of getting to the interview stage:

• Tailor your application to the job and organisation.

• Consider your application from the employers’ perspective. Make a positive impression and avoid any negatives.

• Show how you meet all essential criteria  and evidence as many of the desirable criteria in the job advertisement and person specification as possible.

• Use your covering letter to explain what attracts you to the role and the company. Mention what you have to offer, how you share their values and fit into the team/role etc…

• Research the organisation. Include an awareness of new initiatives, challenges or future plans in your covering letter.

• Express enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge.

• Demonstrate skills and attributes with examples of experience. Avoid listing duties.

• Make the links between your attributes and experiences and what’s required for the job really specific. Your application will be one of many (possibly hundreds) and employers won’t have time to ‘read between the lines’

• Quantify experience by explaining your contributions, impact you made; achievements and successes. Include figures if appropriate i.e. managed five staff, generated £10k income etc…

• Structure your application, ensuring it flows. Communicate coherently and concisely, checking spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.

For more resources to help with  job search and career development visit: http://www.chester.ac.uk/careers/downloads


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