Working while studying – why a job on campus can be the ideal solution for students

Rent, books, food, technology, clothes, nights out – these are just a few of the things that can eat into a student’s already limited budget. It’s not surprising that many students seek part-time work to help make ends meet. But balancing the competing demands of work and studies can be a challenge. So, what are the options?

Off-campus work

Many university towns and cities are thriving commercial centres, with many opportunities for students to work in shops, restaurants and bars. These jobs are typically during evenings and weekends. Although some of these jobs may not be particularly highly-paid, they often provide a lively, sociable work environment and the chance to develop skills that will be useful for future employment – such as team working, communication and confidence. But employers may expect students to work long hours, which could clash with assignment deadlines.

Working on campus

At the University of Chester, the UniJob recruitment bank provides students with access to a diverse range of part-time roles on the university campus, for example at events, in the library, in the fitness centre, maintaining the grounds or working in an office. Jobs on campus provide the security of a working environment that is already familiar to students, and offer a different perspective on University life.

As an employer, the university recognises that studying is a priority, so students are not asked to work more than 15 hours per week during term time. What’s more, the application process offers the opportunity to practise valuable job-seeking skills, and students even have the opportunity to receive feedback which can help them with future job applications.

For University of Chester students, the UniJob application process for 2013 opens on 23rd September with a closing date of 16th October. For more information, visit the website:



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