New from Careers and Employability: The Chester Difference Award -application deadline: 18 Oct 2013

Within Careers and Employability we often hear employers say how they’re particularly impressed by students and graduates who’ve taken part in extra-curricular activities such as sports and voluntary work or by those who’ve held Student Union Society roles whilst at University.

Students often tell us that although they realise the importance of undertaking extra-curricular activities in terms of their future job prospects, balancing their studies, part-time work and having a social life often leaves them with little time or energy to get involved in activities outside their lectures.

When probing a little deeper, we often find that students are actually involved in extra-curricular activities which could make them more employable upon graduation. Experiences such as being a carer for a friend or relative, casual work experience or being a Student Rep for their course are actually really useful – students often just don’t realise the importance of these activities and therefore often don’t include them on their CV.

To help students understand the activities employers value, and to enable them to appreciate and articulate the skills and experience they have gained from undertaking these activities to employers, Careers and Employability have designed the Chester Difference Award.

The idea behind the Award is to help students to appreciate and acknowledge their skills and to encourage them to engage with University services at an earlier point. Activities which can be accredited include:

· Part-time work

· Attending EYE training sessions

· Being a committee member

· Volunteering

· Being a mentor

· Being a Student Representative

· Attending an employer event

· Attending Development Week sessions

· Attending an interview with a Career Consultant

· Writing an effective CV

· Gaining the ECDL qualification

· Engaging in entrepreneurial activities

Who can take part: current University of Chester undergraduate students (any year: L4, L5 or L6)

How to apply:

1. Download The Chester Difference Award application form from:

2. Tell us in no more than 150 words why you would like to gain the Award.

3. E-mail your completed application form to chesterdifference a.s.a.p.

Places will be limited to the first 40 successful applicants on a first- come first- served basis.


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