Five great career resources for career management when living with ill health, injury or disability:

Here are our recommendations for useful resources if you’re managing a career alongside a disability or health condition:

1. “Doing Seniority Differently: A study of high fliers living with ill-health, injury or disability” RADAR – The Disability Network:

Inspirational report – gives case studies of high fliers as well as tips for career progression with a disability, injury or health condition.

2. “Doing Careers Differently: How to make a success of your career while living with a disability or health condition” RADAR – The Disability Network

Useful guide on career management with a disability or health condition. Covers sources of help and support, outlines practical issues and gives tips and advice on discussing disability and ill health at work.

3. Use My Ability

Useful site with specific information on various impairments (including dyslexia and dyspraxia): highlights areas where reasonable adjustments may be helpful and strengths gained from living with specific impairments.


Page aimed at employers, but some useful information about reasonable adjustments including examples:

The Access to Work pages explains how Access to Work operates, who is eligible and how to get support via the scheme:

5. Employ-ability

Organisation which helps students and graduates with disabilities to access employment e.g. internships and graduate schemes, also has a useful list of Disability Inclusive employers.


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