Ten questions to ask at job interviews

ImageMany students and graduates we speak to ask about appropriate questions they should ask when the interviewer asks “Do you have any questions for us?” Although it may be tempting to answer “no” so you can leave the interview as quickly as possible, asking good quality questions can help you stand out from other candidates by reinforcing your genuine interest in the organisation and showing you’ve done your research .

Remember, interviews are a two-way process – a fit between you and the role and company (even if it doesn’t always feel this way during difficult economic times). The employers’ answers to your questions can also help you decide whether the opportunity is likely to be ‘right’ for you.

It’s a good idea to choose two or three questions beforehand, so you’re well prepared. Here are some ideas you could develop further once you’ve researched the organisation and the sector:

  1. How does this role fit into the overall structure of the organisation?
  2. What is the career progression from this role?
  3. I am particularly interested in …………… would there be any opportunities to develop these ideas in the future?
  4. What key initiatives has your organisation been involved in within the last six months?
  5. I am committed to further training and development; does the organisation have any particular training opportunities?
  6. How does the organisation measure performance and set goals for the individual?
  7. I have noticed that on your web site you refer to a new initiative………have you had any opportunities to review progress so far?
  8. Are there any particular challenges facing this organisation today?
  9. What do you see as the five year plan for your organisation?
  10. When can I expect to hear the outcome from this interview?

For more suggestions about career management and job search strategy visit: http://www.chester.ac.uk/careers/downloads


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