Reminder about recruitment scams and how to avoid them

Last April, we had a post about recruitment scams and how to avoid them:

Students and graduates are often targets for recruitment scams, so we thought it was a good time to raise awareness again about the most frequent scams and how to avoid them.

We’ve recently been alerted to a recruitment scam by colleagues within other University Careers Services which involve fraudsters posing as local companies and using the companies’ contact details to advertise realistic vacancies. These vacancies are being targeted at students and graduates. However, applicants are asked to give their bank details and cash a cheque for someone who is ‘temporarily out of the country’. The cheque is then cancelled and students are left out of pocket.

According to our colleagues: “Addresses and even phone numbers in the advert are usually those of the real company. The only giveaways and common themes are a combination of:

· Use of non-professional email address, and

· A high rate of pay (£15/hr), and

· They are all admin assistant jobs (exact titles may vary)”

If you see a vacancy and have any concerns, please contact Careers and Employability for further advice.


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