Getting your first post as a media graduate – tips from Inside the Creative Industries

During the past two weeks, Warrington campus has been playing host to a series of events as part of “Inside the Creative Industries”. We’ve had a range of speakers, here are some of the tips they shared with students:

– Try out different environments to see what suits you e.g. one speaker said he found he wasn’t keen on the TV studio environment – he preferred digital advertising

– Plan for your placements and make the most of them – enthusiasm goes a long way

– Don’t take anything for granted e.g. network and keep up with industry developments

– If you’re interested in advertising, many companies run graduate schemes e.g. MEC, McCann Erickson

– Employers increasingly look for existing online presence e.g. your contribution to industry LinkedIn groups, do you have a blog which you update? Use of Twitter or Google+?

– Experience with the SU can be extremely helpful: talking to staff at all levels from Vice Chancellor to lecturers and other staff and convincing them to support your ideas is great experience

– To get into radio you need to be more than a presenter as it is so competitive

– Richard Maddock began his career in commercial radio (Radio City in Liverpool), started by being willing to do “anything” (including cleaning the basement) and worked his way up to eventually running the station.

– As 20% of BBC radio programmes are commissioned to independent production companies, regulated by the Radio Independents Group, Richard suggested looking at their website for further information It is also acceptable to contact the BBC with programme ideas – target the Commissioning Editor for the station.

– Best piece of advice on being a successful radio station is to know your audience – run local campaigns, read local papers and get the bus to work to share the same experiences as listeners.

Areas of skills shortages within the industry:

– The Manchester digital report highlights areas of shortages within Manchester: (useful to think about skills you could work on or develop)

– Generally knowledge of pay per click (PPC) advertising and coding (programming) skills are in high demand within the industry

– Also high levels of need for Digital PR/social media skills


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