How to boost your career right now – without jepardising your assignments or dissertation

As Easter approaches and most students are engrossed with assignments, dissertations and exam preparation, here are some suggestions for things you could do which would take up little time right now, but which could make a big difference to your future career.

Register for alerts with Careers and Employability Vacancy and Events Portal.

We have part-time, temporary and graduate jobs on our database and we specifically advertise vacancies likely to interest University of Chester students.

Register with the Santander University Internship portal to receive alerts.

Because University of Chester is a Santander University, students and graduates can apply for paid Santander internship opportunities with local companies in Chester and Cheshire.

Set up some voluntary experience ready for the summer months.

Voluntary experience is really valued by graduate employers and for some careers is the only route in. It’s often possible to fit volunteering around other paid work as you could volunteer as a one-off, opt for activities you could do from home or volunteer for just a few hours each month or week. Search on to find local opportunities or approach voluntary or not-for-profit organisations directly to see if they take volunteers. Many organisations will ask you to complete an application and interview to ensure the opportunity meets your needs. This may take time, so starting now will help you ensure you’re ready to start volunteering at the start of the summer break.

Register for Work shadowing to receive details of available visits.

Work shadowing involves spending a day or half a day with someone in a role which interests you. You can register to receive a list of available visits and let us know if any interest you. The work shadowing team will then arrange a meeting with you and discuss arrangements with you.

‘Like’ the Venture 3 facebook page and look out for any events and training.

If you think freelancing or self-employment might be for you Venture 3 may be really useful. Venture 3 is one of the programmes on offer from Riverside Innovation Centre (RIC) – part of the University. RIC was set up to support local businesses, students and graduates with business start-up and enterprise.

Make a note of the dates of graduate fairs and think about attending ‘prepare for the fairs’ sessions. Or talk to a Career Consultant about preparation you can do to ensure you’ll impress the employers you meet and get the most out of your visit. Most fairs and preparation workshops take place towards the end of the academic year when there is less pressure from deadlines and exams.


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