Job search – the power of personal contact

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re looking for work.

Although you’d assume that the obvious starting point with job search would be to trawl through Reed and do lots of Google searches, it’s worth remembering that personal contact goes a long way in making your job search more effective.

If you think about this from the employer’s view, you can see employers prefer personal contact with applicants. For example they usually conduct interviews by phone, Skype or in person, rather than using email. This is why interviews are such a popular recruitment tool – contact by email, text or facebook just wouldn’t be the same: an employer would struggle to really assess personality properly unless they had personal contact..

It’s worth thinking about ways to make personal contact with employers as part of your job search. By all means use email to follow up a previous phone call, or connect with someone on LinkedIn – but try to think about how you can actually speak to your contacts:

You could:

– actually ring agencies to check vacancies are still available before you submit your CV

– See whether you can use Linkedin/facebook e.t.c. to set up meetings with contacts via Skype, phone or in person

– Try to phone rather than email when contacting someone for the first time (or chase up your initial email with a call)

– If you’re unemployed, think about how you could have face-to-face contact with people during the day (for example by volunteering) and use the evenings for online applications.


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