10 ways to enhance your job application

  1. Always include a covering letter or covering email with a CV or application where possible (even if you’re not asked for this).
  2. Try to put yourself in the employer’s shoes, consider how your application might read to a stranger considering a huge pile of applications with perhaps a few minutes to decide whether to invite the person to an interview.
  3. Show how you meet all essential criteria and evidence as many of the desirable criteria as possible.
  4. Use your covering letter or covering email to explain what attracts you to the role and the organisation. Explain what you have to offer, how you share their values and fit into the team and the role.
  5. Research the organisation. See whether you can speak to someone who has had a similar job or worked for a similar type of organisation. Or use LinkedIn groups to ask questions…then use this knowledge to think about what the employer might be specifically looking for and to tailor your application.
  6. Re-read your covering letter/covering email: do you come across as enthusiastic?
  7. Demonstrate skills and attributes with examples of experience. Avoid just listing
  8. Check the person specification or job advert: try to address every item and use the same language and terminology as the employer in your application.
  9. Quantify experience by explaining your contributions, impact you made; achievements and successes. Include figures if appropriate i.e. “managed five staff”, “raised £500”, “published four articles”.
  10. Structure your application, ensuring it flows. Communicate coherently and concisely, checking spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.

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