Graduate Job search – three things you might not know if you graduated from University of Chester:

Each year we speak to graduates who say they wish they’d have contacted us earlier. Here are three things you need to know if you’ve just graduated from University of Chester:

1. We can help graduates who have returned home via phone and email:

Even if you’ve moved back home or are living away from Chester, we can still provide plenty of support to help you find work, move on from a job you’re not happy with, or work out where to start with your career.

2. Our services are free for all University of Chester graduates (as well as post graduates/PhD holders) for up to for three years after graduation.

3. We provide personalised support to help you find work and develop your career after graduation.

For example we can help you:

– Access graduate vacancies with fewer applicants (and therefore less competition)

– Improve your approach to job search, applications, CVs, interviews, psychometric tests or assessment centres – helping you increase your chances of success

– Work out where to start with your career/get some ideas about how to move into areas of work which interest you

– Feel more confident and positive about yourself and your skills and help you to ‘bounce back’ from unsuccessful applications and interviews

To find out more about our services:

To get in touch with us, you can either email careers, ring 01244 513066 (Chester), or 01925 534 235 (Warrington) or send us a direct message via facebook or twitter


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