Five simple ways to kick-start your career as a Performing Arts student or graduate:

Following on from our post last week, here are some further tips to help you get your career on track.

Whatever role you are considering, there are some things you can do to broaden your options, enhance your capabilities and develop your confidence. Try to:

1. Develop your IT skills so that you can use Google analytics, WordPress, Photoshop and web editing software. Become familiar with the various social media tools as well.

2. Learn the business of Business such as managing a budget, marketing and advertising, project-managing and managing people. A way to develop your business skills might be to run a youth theatre group or a franchise. Some youth theatre groups with opportunities include: Pauline Quirke Academy, Stagecoach, Theatre Train and Razmataz.

3. Devote some time to volunteering behind the scenes, perhaps in the box office, widening your experience and knowledge. Don’t be afraid of doing any job as it may gain you extra contacts for your network or give you a new perspective on the industry.

4. Be prepared to work in an office environment and develop office administration skills, as acting type roles will require some management support work to be done too.

5. Get involved in postgraduate research projects if you can.

Rebecca, Career Consultant


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