Getting started with a media career – insider tips

Earlier this year, Warrington campus hosted a series of events as part of Inside the Creative Industries. Here are some tips from employers for boosting your chances of getting into your first post:

– Try out different environments to see what suits you.

– Plan for your placements and make the most of them – enthusiasm goes a long way

– Don’t take anything for granted e.g. network and keep up with industry developments

– If you’re interested in advertising, many companies run graduate schemes e.g. MEC, McCann Erickson

– Employers increasingly look for existing online presence e.g. your contribution to industry LinkedIn groups, do you have a blog which you update? Use of twitter or Google+?

– Use your time at university to build networking skills. For example, having a role in the Student Union could help you gain experience of talking to staff at all levels within the university, other students and external organisations and convincing them to support your ideas.

Areas of skills shortages:

– Manchester Digital report highlights areas of shortages within Manchester:

– Knowledge of pay per click (PPC) and coding skills are in demand within digital media and advertising

– Still lots of demand for Digital PR/social media skills


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