A day in the life of a Personal/Executive Assistant also known as PA or EA

Choosing a career after you’ve graduated can be difficult as there is so much choice, but if you’re organised, get a great deal of satisfaction from helping others and like a varied role, then this may be something to seriously consider.

It’s an exciting role that you can really make your own and detailed below is an example of what a typical day for a PA can involve:


8am. It’s useful to arrive into work early before the office opens. This is sometimes known as the ‘golden hour’ as it is a great opportunity to catch up and review your priorities for the day ahead and before the phones begin to ring, e-mails appear and the door to the office opens.

Top Tip. Try to organise a daily catch-up with your manager in the morning to discuss high priorities and any matters which are on-going and may need to be dealt with during the course of the day. This meeting provides a great opportunity to ask questions regarding any tasks which have been delegated to you so you can handle them correctly as you may not get another chance to meet, so use your time wisely!

9am – 5pm. (1 hour lunch break, if you’re lucky). The role of PA can vary hugely depending on the type and size of the business and the level of responsibility given to you by your manager. An example of your responsibilities could include the following;

· Handling telephone enquiries on behalf of your manager

· Responding to correspondence via e-mail or post

· Greeting visitors

· Organising hospitality for meetings, such as catering and equipment.

· Drafting meeting agendas

· Attending meetings to take minutes

· Typing minutes and actions for circulation to committee members

· Booking travel and accommodation

· Booking and organise meetings

· Handling confidential information

· The list goes on……

5pm. It is good practice to meet with your manager before you leave the office to update him/her on the outcome of the day and any matters which need to be handled tomorrow. Make sure all filing is completed and all calls and e-mails have been responded to. It is also useful to update your To-Do-List so you are aware of your priorities for the next day.

6pm. Leave the office.

If this sounds like something you might want to try, why not look at applying for a work shadowing opportunity. Visit http://www.chester.ac.uk/careers/current-students-and-graduates/work-shadowing for further information or visit us at the Careers and Employability Centre (opposite Binks) if you wish to discuss your career options in more detail.