Networking Works!

You may have heard the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and, in the networking world, you could add “who knows you”. In a competitive job market, knowing someone in a business or sector that you aspire to work in could really help get that all important foot in the door, as will letting as many contacts as possible know you are job seeking.

Listed below are just three of many networking opportunities which could really help with your next move to your ideal career;

1. Are you on LinkedIn? If not, you really should be!

LinkedIn is a professional network and offers an ideal platform to raise your profile to potential employers, and network through relationships that you’ve made throughout your career or education.

Start your LinkedIn profile today!

2. Attend events and conferences!

Not only may you learn some new information and show that you have a genuine interest in what the event or conference has to offer, you could also gain a really useful contact! Begin networking with like-minded professionals by researching local events and conferences that include topics that interest you or relate to your particular career direction.

Take a look at the following link for upcoming events taking place throughout the UK.

Why not attend one of our Enhance Your Employability (EYE) Training Sessions which comprise a wide variety of helpful topics to enhance your employability?

3. Meeting new people

It’s worth bearing in mind that any opportunity that involves meeting new people is a networking opportunity. You never know who they may be, or who they may know and could be a link you’ve been looking for to help boost your career!

Begin networking today!