Final Year Procrastination Tool Available (that’s actually useful!)

I have the utmost sympathy for each of you final year students putting together your dissertations at the moment. I look back nostalgically at the prospect of writing an extended piece based on solid research (inspirational music normally builds at this point in my mind). This is, of course, utter nonsense born of rosy hindsight. Dissertations can be, increasingly towards an impending deadline, a marathon to be endured. The same can be said of revision too.

So I offer you a quick distraction that will be of huge benefit to you in the long run before sending you back to your work refreshed and ready to crack on.

What is it?

Sign up for the online Vacancy Portal offered by Careers and Employability at the University of Chester. It takes less than 10 minutes. After this, you will receive a daily email with vacancies filtered to your taste.

Won’t I get spammed with irrelevant job adverts?

No – you can manually search for jobs or receive automated alerts for jobs chosen by location, sector, qualification, job title, by employer, or a combination of all of these – you create the bespoke vacancy search. You will also be given access to a calendar of employment events outside of the University of Chester.

How many jobs are there?

At any one time there are typically 600 graduate vacancies listed based all over the U.K. If you need a job to coincide with your studies we also list part-time vacancies.

Sounds good, where do I sign?

You can sign up for the Vacancy Portal by visiting the following webpage.

What next?

So, now that you’re keeping an eye out for work or are receiving a vacancy alert each day, it’s pretty likely that a job or two will catch your eye. Call in or email Careers and Employability to get your CV checked, get help with an application, or arrange a mock interview.

You can use our services  for up to three years after graduation, but why wait for the life you want?

Now get back to your coursework, but get registered first.