Business Start-up: What Puts People Off? – Guest Post From Claire Blanchard, Venture Programme Manager, Riverside Innovation Centre

This week’s post is from Clare Blanchard who is based at Riverside Innovation Centre, the University of Chester’s business support service for new and growing businesses. As well as supporting local businesses, Riverside Innovation Centre offers free services to students and graduates from the University of Chester to encourage and support them with business start-up and freelancing.

Interestingly, although people often think about starting a business, few actually take their ideas forward. New research from the UK government provides some possible barriers. Of those surveyed, 39% of those asked said that although they thought about starting a business every day they hadn’t actually taken any action so far.

Barriers mentioned included:

lack of a mentor 70%
finance 69%
time pressures 62%
inspiration 60%
advice 60%
premises concerns 50%
lack of family support 37%

Various organisations offer business start-up support across the UK, including The National Enterprise Network and Princes Trust. Getting support could potentially help with overcoming at least some of these barriers. However, often people are unaware how to access the support available. For students and graduates, their university can often be the best place to start as most offer dedicated services to help them explore business start-up and take their ideas forward.

If you’re a University of Chester student or graduate who often thinks about starting a business but hasn’t got too far with taking your ideas forward (perhaps for some of the reasons above), you may be interested in some of our services:

· If you join and actively participate in our Venture programme, financial assistance can be awarded to you and your business. This can be in the form of grants and /or office space.

· If you are in need of additional on-going support we have a resident mentor who can assist you with your business idea.

· If you need financial / legal advice we offer termly drop-in sessions.

· We also offer a shoulder to cry on and make a lovely cup of tea!

You can contact us at or like us on facebook:



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