Career indecision – don’t let it get in your way


If you’re not sure which areas of work you might want to go into after your degree, you’re not alone. At this time of year we see lots of students (and also graduates) who are worried because they’re not sure what to do after university.

If you’re in this position, the most important thing is to take some kind of action to help you move forwards, rather than talking yourself into inaction. Volunteering, careers fairs (for example The University of Manchester Graduate Fair) and part-time or summer work are all good starting points to help you investigate different areas of work. A chat with a Career Consultant can also help you focus your thoughts and identify ways forward.

It’s unlikely that your first job will be for the rest of your life and you can always move on if you find it’s not for you, so don’t worry about choosing the ‘perfect’ career. Just think about the first few years after university.

Here are some sites with quizzes and tests which might prompt ideas:

1. National Careers Service

2. Quiz from The Guardian

3. Target Jobs Careers Report


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