Tips for a successful Skype or video interview

Despite a previous trend for greater use of video and Skype interviews (live and pre-recorded) by recruiters during the recruitment process, we’ve recently been reading recruiters’ comments on LinkedIn which seem to suggest a shift back towards traditional face-to-face interviews as their first choice. Reasons for this change include costs of software and issues with technology or poor internet connections which reduce the cost-effectiveness and practicality of Skype and video interviews compared to traditional interview formats. Employers have also said that meeting someone in person gives them a much better sense of personality and fit with their existing team and corporate culture.

However….. Skype and video interviews are still used by some recruiters – particularly those with a base outside the UK. Also, we are still hearing from students and graduates who have been through video or Skype interviews recently.

If you find the idea of video interviews daunting, you’re not alone. It’s not surprising you’d feel uncertain about the etiquette employers expect during a video interview – taking part in a formal interview online with someone you’ve not actually met in person isn’t exactly a natural situation, especially when you’re recording your answers rather than replying in person. However, careful preparation can help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

Here are our top tips if you’re faced with a Skype or video interview:

· Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview (even if the camera can only see the top half of your body!). You don’t want an embarrassing situation where you get up to reach something, or get a document and employer sees your jeans, shorts or even worse, your pyjama bottoms!!!

· Make sure the room you’re going to use is quiet, where you will not be disturbed.

· For pre-recorded interviews you will have a series of practice questions before you record your actual interview. Take the time to practice until you feel confident.

· For all types of video interview, follow the same advice as you would for a face-to-face interview such as, answering questions in a structured, concise and specific way; and using positive non-verbal communication and confident eye contact at the camera.

For further tips have a look at TargetJobs and Quint Careers


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