Thinking About Producing a Video CV? – Tips and Examples

For media, performing arts and other creative fields, employers will want to view your creative work via online portfolios, blogs and websites. Creative ‘talking’ or video CVs can offer one way to showcase your strengths and experience.

Here are some top tips if you’re thinking of presenting yourself in this way:

· The usual CV rules apply regardless of format: think professionalism, relevance and achievement

· Animated CVs can work really well as an alternative to filming yourself – think about a format which plays to your strengths

· Although there are plenty of companies willing to film your CV for a fee, producing your own CV is really the best way to demonstrate personal creativity and show you’re able to use technology

· Limiting yourself to 90 seconds helps you use video CVs to their full effect

· You could film using your smartphone, then use video editing software such as imovie or Windows Movie Maker to give impact to your CV video.

· Differentiate yourself from other candidates by filming a 20-30 second elevator pitch: include your aims and highlight your unique strengths and values.


Loft Resumes

Kassem Jamal (video)

Mark Leruste (animated)

Samantha Little (video)


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