Life After University: A Graduate’s Perspective

Hello students and graduates!

It’s been just over a month since I graduated from the University of Chester, studying Journalism on the beautiful Warrington campus, and life has got, well a little weird. After spending three years living with 5 of my best friends, being back at home with my family has been a big adjustment!

As well as that, I now have the daily grind of applying for jobs (I never knew some applications would take 2 hours!). I didn’t manage to go straight into a job after I graduated, and I’ll tell you the truth- it’s hard work. It’s been a challenge having to describe myself in way that’s not bragging, but also making sure that I’m selling myself and my relevant skills. How are you supposed to get that balance right?

I was recently asked to film a three minute video audition/interview for a video blogging job which turned into one of the strangest things I have ever done. It ended up with me having my phone on a selfie stick trying to figure out the best lighting in my room, and then trying to get everything I wanted to say out in one take so I didn’t have to edit it on software I don’t have!

Since graduating, it’s hasn’t been all stressful applying for jobs and desperately trying to get experience. I’ve managed to get some great freelance work and I’ve been invited to networking events that were amazing. If there was anything I wish I had done more of at university and something I would recommend, is to gain work experience. I know everyone tells us all the time, but it’s a fact! It’s not just about the ‘experience’; it’s about building contacts, getting your name and face out there in order to make it easier to get your foot in the door.

What I did take from university is some amazing skills, great advice from lecturers and endless support from other departments like Careers & Employability. University is a time where you aren’t just taught your subject, but also life skills. Take advantage and use them!

Jemma Melvin

Written by Jemma Melvin
Recent UoC Graduate and Freelance Writer


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