Making the Workplace Less Daunting


The transition from being a student to being an employee can seem like a big step, but there are things that students can do while they are studying to help prepare for entering the world of work.

 At the University of Chester, the new academic year brings a new and improved Enhance Your Employability (EYE) training programme. Through EYE training, we provide a diverse schedule of workshops to help students develop key skills in finding work and getting ahead in the workplace. Workshops to help students find work include “CVs and Application Forms” and “Interview Techniques”, while other sessions such as “Team Working”, “Sustainable Business” and “Project Management” help students develop core skills that graduate employers are looking for. “It’s important to demonstrate to employers that you not only have these skills, but understand why they are useful to you in the workplace,” says Kate Daubney, Director of Careers & Employability. “EYE Training can really help bridge that gap, and help you identify the employability value in all your other activities too.” 

Final year student Lauren Stevens, who attended a variety of training sessions last year, including “UniJob Applications”, “Inspirational Leadership” and “Confidence for Success” said: “Whilst at university, I think every student should use their free time to make the most of the services available to them to facilitate the pursuit of a career.”

Lauren added: “After EYE training, the transition between university and the workplace doesn’t seem so daunting.”  

EYE Training sessions are normally around two hours long , but can vary between one and four hours depending on the topic. They are free of charge for University of Chester students. More information is available at



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