Development Week: Why take part?

Term is rushing past, and you’ve probably packed in loads of things already this term, let alone got to grips with your new classes. Between sports and societies, studying and socialising, you’re probably in need of a week off!

But don’t go home. Stay in Chester! And help yourself get a better job!

While Development Week (or Development Day in Warrington) is, indeed, a short gap in your class schedule, don’t think of it as time off. Don’t go home and put your feet up or catch up on some much needed sleep. Stay at the university and take advantage of what’s on offer to you. It’s an essential opportunity to stop, take stock, review how you’re doing, and fill in a few gaps.

Development Week (and Day) is exactly what it says it is: a chance to develop yourself further. It is an opportunity to make time for a few extra activities that will enhance your learning experience and improve your employability. If you’re new to Chester this year, you may not know that there are actually two Development Weeks: one in November and one in February. The November week focuses on exploring the Skills you need to develop, and February’s sessions focus on preparing for the all-important upcoming assessments.

In Careers & Employability, we are offering ten different one hour events that will help you improve your chances of getting a good job. The autumn is the time that most recruiters are looking for candidates, whether first and second years for summer internships, or final year students for graduate jobs. So we have excellent sessions on online recruitment and selection tests, perfecting a LinkedIn profile, and nailing those graduate applications.

But if you are not yet clear on what you want to do, or have little idea of how to prepare for the world of work, then we can also help out. Do you need insight on where your degree might lead? Do you want to know how to prepare a good CV for your WBL placement, to help you get a really useful experience? Do you want to find out what the alternatives might be to a graduate job?

Employers really want students who can tell them what they’ve learned, and why it was useful. They’re looking for people who are really self-aware.

So stop, take stock, choose a couple of Careers & Employability Development Week or Development Day sessions, and learn something new that will help you get that great graduate job!

To find out more about the sessions on offer at Chester or Warrington visit the links on the Student Portal (under Announcements) or to book a session email


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