What we’ve enjoyed about working with students this term:

Four members of the Careers and Employability team talk about their work with students so far this year:

Helen Mitchell


“I’ve loved to watch the moment when the penny drops and students realise they really do need to do something extra in addition to their degree to make themselves stand out – and then they actually do something like volunteering and realise it can be good fun as well as useful for the future.”

Helen Mitchell, Deputy Director


“Meeting students with the passion, drive and determination to see their business ideas come to life. Their enthusiasm is infectious!”

Kirsty Badrock, Entrepreneurship Co-ordinator


CDA Before Freshers

Sally with members of The Chester Difference team, including Manhoor and Matthew

“I’ve really enjoyed working with the The Chester Difference Award (CDA) Ambassadors – Mahnoor Salam (final year psychology) and Matthew Banks, (final year history). I have been inspired by their energy, passion and enthusiasm for The CDA.”

Sally Harding, Graduate Futures Manager



“I have found it inspiring to see the enthusiasm with which the students apply themselves to tasks beyond what is expected of them. It has been a pleasure to meet these students and to be a part of their self-development.”


Jonathan Sanders, Clerical Assistant



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