Accounting Degrees: What happens After Graduation?

It’s easy to assume that your degree dictates the career you’ll be doing: English students will become English teachers, Sports Science graduates will become PE teachers and accountancy graduates will move into accounting.

This is a myth that needs debunking! The transferable skills you will gain from your studies can be applied to numerous industries. A glance at What do graduates do? shows that just over half of accountancy graduates entered Business, HR and finance roles after their degree including analyst, consultancy and advisory positions. However, accountancy graduates also went into a range of other areas such as marketing, PR and sales and IT.

Studying accounting gives you a great advantage when it comes to understanding business and can be a bonus if you want to become an entrepreneur. Businesses value accounting skills for three main reasons; to make predictions, to help make more effective commitments of time, energy and money and to measure and reassess progress. An understanding of finance, cash flow and being able to budget accordingly is essential for running a successful business.

To see a more detailed view of what accounting graduates are doing six months after their degree, see Prospects: ‘What Do Graduates Do’.

Article by Lauren Wise (University of Chester English Graduate) at The Accountancy Partnership –


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