Five Reasons Why Joining the Alumni LinkedIn Group Before You Graduate is a Smart Move

Helena Astbury, Linked In User

There are many things you need to do in your final year at University. Exams, dissertation, order your graduation gown…the list goes on. Something you might not have thought of is the Alumni LinkedIn Group – that is, the LinkedIn group for University of Chester graduates, before you graduate. Confused? Here’s why you should join us now:

  • is the fastest growing social network for professional and business use – any company or institution worth knowing about has a presence on the channel. Many employees, business owners and professionals, are graduates of the same University as you;
  • You need to have a LinkedIn profile to be able to join the group – and that is no bad thing! By getting this up and populated now, not only will you be able to interact with us, but also you are then present and visible for any prospective employers that may be looking (and they do look); Careers and Employability holds free workshops on how to build a LinkedIn profile – see Development Week Programme or Careers and Employability’s events calendar for further details
  • LinkedIn holds a network of around 18,000 University of Chester students and graduates, with a few thousand also part of our University of Chester Alumni Group. Yep, 18,000. Between those numbers, there is likely to be someone that could assist you in your future career;
  • By joining the LinkedIn Alumni Group, you will be kept informed of any news and opportunities of interest to the professional University of Chester alumni community, and that includes jobs;
  • We will shortly be launching a mentoring system on LinkedIn, where you will be able to search for alumni who have followed a career path that inspires you, and ask them how they did it. Anywhere in the world. The earlier you join us, the better the position you will be in to be one of the first to take advantage of this opportunity.

Amongst our LinkedIn community could be your next work placement, internship, mentor or employer – can you afford not to join us before you leave?

Helena Astbury

Alumni and Development Officer, University of Chester


Find me: Connect with me on Linkedin

Join: University of Chester Alumni Linkedin Group



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