Improve your employability with our free workshops for final year and postgraduate students this Easter

The end of term is fast approaching and you may be thinking about your future career. You will undoubtedly have gained many skills through the opportunities on offer at University, but in order to be able to secure and succeed in a job you need to be able to adapt these skills to the workplace.

So how do you link your skills to your employability? To answer this question, the University has put together a week of workshops 4th-8th April with a host of speakers who will talk you through the steps you need to take to make yourself employable:

Personal Branding

This workshop will show you how to market yourself to get your foot in the door of your chosen career.

12 Employability Skills All Businesses Want

This workshop will help you identify the skills you need to get into work and to be successful in your first job!

Have You Got What It Takes?

Interviews can often feel like a guessing game. Our workshop facilitator will share his insight with you to help you understand how you can improve your performance.

Project Management

Find out more about the techniques and practices you need to run an effective business project in a commercial setting.


This workshop will help you understand the nature of business and give you access to support and guidance offered by the University.

Inspirational Leadership

Our workshop facilitator will help you understand how to develop your own style of leadership to inspire your team.

Writing for Publication: How to get published

This workshop will help you learn more about the process of writing for publication. Get hints and tips to enable you to become a published writer.

How to Survive your First Academic Post

Our speaker from academia will introduce you to the roles of an academic, the assessment process and methods of motivating students to help you transition from student to lecturer.

Confidence for Success

Our speaker will help you understand how you can project confidence, positivity and improve your assertiveness skills.

Spotlight on Customers

Customer and client-handling skills are vital in most sectors, from health to education to product design. This workshop will help you look at your own experience and understand how to provide outstanding customer service in any setting.

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