Warrington Works


This year we launched an initiative to create more job opportunities at the Warrington campus in response to feedback from the UniJob Annual Student Survey. Seven paid roles have been advertised during the year, all exclusively available to UniJob bank members, all on the Warrington campus.

As well as offering paid work, these opportunities are designed to support candidates’ employability, develop interdepartmental work and establish links with the local community

The roles include:

  • Warrington Campus Champion
  • Communications Assistant, Sport and Community Engagement (SpaCE)
  • International Student Experience Assistant
  • SpaCE Motivator
  • Stakeholder Development Assistant
  • North West Media centre Exhibition Co-ordinator
  • Stakeholder Development Project Assistant.

We have now appointed students to six of the positions with the final one soon to be filled.

Our students have been finding their experiences rewarding:

‘I am really enjoying the role of Communications Assistant for the Sport and Community Engagement department. All of the staff have been really friendly and accommodating, making it easy to settle into my new surroundings. I have been able to get stuck in and work on skills that I have learned through my course, by conducting interviews with a number of students.’

Ethan Barsdell, Communication Assistant

‘By having the chance to do this role, it has given me the opportunity to see how different sides of the university works. I’ve built relationships with members of staff and students along the way. I’d recommend UniJob to every student’

Deanna Harvey, International Student Experience Assistant

‘Being part of the SPaCE department as the Departments Motivator here on the Warrington campus, so far has been a really exciting prospect. I have had the chance to engage with staff and students on a personal level and plan some really exciting events to put on here on campus in the coming months. Being in the role so far has just taught me to trust and share my ideas, increasing my self-belief that I can get the job done and really get involved at the ground level in new projects no matter how big they seem.’

Liam Cornes, SpaCE Motivator

Hannah Perkins, Unijob Assistant, said:

‘This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for students to make a difference to the University and local community while enhancing their employability and earning alongside their studies. We have had some great feedback so far from students and recruiting managers. On behalf of the UniJob team, I wish all of our Warrington students well in their roles and hope they continue to learn and develop their skills. We hope that this or similar projects will continue in future years.’

Look out for events, activities and materials that they are creating.

If you are interested in similar vacancies we would recommend applying for UniJob. We recruit to the UniJob bank at certain times in the year. Keep an eye on our website for updated information as we will be recruiting again soon: http://www.chester.ac.uk/careers/current-students-and-graduates/vacancies/unijob


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