Let us know what you’re doing after graduation and help other students

If you’re graduating this year, it’s likely that you’ll get an email from us around mid-November as part of the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) process.  This is to see how you are getting on with employment or further study since leaving us.

As well as asking you about this, we will also be keen to know whether there is any way we can still help you with your career planning. Many graduates don’t realise that they can still use our services free of charge for three years after graduating.

You may have looked at some stats before you applied for uni to see what previous students went on to do after their course. Letting us know what you’re up to will help other applicants and students to make important decisions as the anonymised data feeds into resources such as Unistats, University League Tables and examples of job titles on the course pages of our website.

To make sure you receive an email from us in November, it’s also really helpful if you could let us know if you change your email address: dlhe@chester.ac.uk.

So when you are wanting to put off the washing-up in November, rather than watching a cat playing a piano on YouTube (or some other video featuring cats, kittens, dogs or squirrels…), let us know what you’re up to via the online link we will send you.

If we are unable to make contact by email, we may give you a call, so do spend a minute or two chatting to one of our lovely phoners and help us meet the magic 80% response rate target (all UK universities have to meet this).

As you may be missing out on watching videos of cats playing pianos whilst filling in your DLHE survey here’s a picture to make up for it:blog picture

If you have any questions about the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey please contact us on dlhe@chester.ac.uk


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