Graduates! Have you Thought About Self-Employment?

With Graduation upon us, you may be feeling the pressure to find employment. Perhaps you’re struggling to find a career path that’s right for you, or maybe you already work part-time but would like a more fulfilling role.

Have you thought about self-employment?

From starting your own business to freelancing alongside your part-time job, there’s more than one route to becoming self-employed. Read on to find out more.



If you already have a creative interest or a skill set you’d like to sell, consider marketing yourself as a freelancer.

Perhaps you vlog in your spare time or play in a band; maybe you’re a singer or an archaeologist or write for a magazine. Whatever it is you love to do, check out our freelancing guide to see whether self-employment is right for you.

When starting out, it’s unlikely that you’ll earn enough to support yourself by freelancing alone. You may even find yourself working for free as you build up your portfolio. This might mean that you spend less time on your freelancing projects than you’d like.

Nevertheless, make sure to give priority to your freelancing achievements in your CV. When networking, introduce yourself as a freelancer; explain to your friends and family that this is how you want to be seen professionally.


Starting your Own Business

Perhaps you already have an idea for a product or service and would like to take it further. Starting your own business might be the route for you.

Do you have something unique to offer based on your skills and experiences? Have you noticed a gap in the market that you could fill?

Whether you’re a baker or a technologist, a dance teacher or a horse rider, one of the first steps to starting a business is to develop your business plan. Think about what your product is, who will benefit from it and who your competitors will be.

Check out this advice given by student and graduate start-ups.


So, What Next?

Before you begin your journey to self-employment, remember that freelancing or starting a business is a huge commitment. From understanding tax to negotiating your work hours and marketing yourself, there’s a lot to consider.

Are you committed to seeing your idea through? Resilience, risk-taking and dedication are all key attributes for entrepreneurs.

If you think self-employment might be for you, or you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills, check out our Venture brochure and come along to our events designed to help you with your freelancing and start-up dreams.

If you’re already on the way to becoming self-employed, remember to tell us about it in the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey.


Remember – the more you tell us the better. We want to hear from you, whatever stage you’re at!



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