CDA – What’s the Point

How many points have you got?


Are you going for 10 points to get the Chester Difference Award? Do you want to go further and earn 15 points for CDA Plus or are you taking those 15 points to an assessment centre to reach the giddy heights of the Chester Difference Excellence Award?

It’s easy to get obsessed with earning CDA points. There are tonnes of ways to earn them and lots of the activities are things you like doing anyway. You could go on and on and earn squillions of points… until you’ve got more points than all your friends…then more points than CareerHub can cope with…then more points than anyone in the whole world has got…for anything… ever!

But what’s the point?!

It’s great to push yourself and be competitive but if you’ve got so many points you can’t even remember what they’re for, isn’t that a bit erm … pointless?

The Chester Difference Award is an employability award and so the whole point of the points is to record, your skills and attributes, your experiences and expertise, your achievements and above all your awesomeness!

When you want to get a job, any kind of job, you need to let employers know how awesome you are. If you don’t, someone else will and they’ll get your job! How rubbish is that?!

Thing is, you can’t just say ‘I’m awesome, I earned 10 / 15 / 150 points and got the Chester Difference Award’, employers want to know what the heck that means and what you’ve done to earn your points.

So what kind of thing should you put on your application or say at your interview?

Something like:

‘I worked part-time in a ukulele shop and gained experience of handling payments and providing   excellent customer service.

‘I completed a 10 week internship as a Communications Officer with Blathermouth’s Incorporated and developed my written and verbal communication skills by writing copy for press releases and answered enquiries over the phone.’

Notice how we didn’t mention the number of points you get for doing these things? Instead we demonstrated where you got your winning customer service smile. We spelt out when and where you developed your banter and your word play skills.

If you do this too, you won’t just tell your employer you’re right for the job … you’ll show them!

Let them know you’re ready for work by saying what you’ve done for CDA and how it’s relevant to the job you want, then whip out that shiny certificate to prove you did it!

The CDA is a tool to evidence your awesomeness!!

Need some pointers on finding these kinds of opportunities?

Just follow the link below and log into CareerHub. The ‘Opportunities’ tab shows what’s recommended for you but you can also search for what you want. Part-time Work, Graduate Jobs, The Chester Internship Programme, they’re all on there. All you have to do is point and click – easy!

We hope that points you in the right direction!



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