Interested in doing a three-month paid internship with a local employer this summer?


As we explained in a previous post, The Santander Universities SME Internship Programme provides funding for Universities to work with local business and organisations so they can offer three month paid internships to second year, final year and postgraduate students and recent graduates of the University of Chester (i.e. the internships are with local businesses rather than with Santander). Placements take place during the summer.

The programme aims to give students and graduates a positive experience of working for a local employer and encourage them to consider working for these types of businesses and organisations. Internships may involve working on a project, undertaking research, shadowing senior members of staff or working on smaller projects with different teams.

There is no guarantee that the internships will lead to further employment and there is no obligation for students and graduates to complete further work for the employer after their placement. However, last year 71% of University of Chester students/graduates who undertook an internship through this scheme gained permanent employment with their placement provider.

To receive email updates on the opportunities available this summer, simply register as a candidate on the UK Santander Universities SME Internship Programme Portal